Thursday, May 3, 2007

Arrgh.. Annoyingz

Damn.. its the exams incoming. Can't post often for these two weeks until its all over. Heres a brief post before i dive back into the gloomy part which is study study and study till I drop. Well, exams alright for now.. but a worst thing that can happen just happened: Man Utd lost..

The minute i heard that .. WTF, MU LOST?! plus a 3-0 making it Man Utd 3-5 AC Milan on aggregate.. making Milan going finals again like the remake of 2005 Champions League. Liverpool n Milan down again.. haihz.

Right now even exams can't stop me from one thing: Downloading more Animes! As recommended by friends on specific titles, I went downloading like theres no tomorrow.. Oh, 1 episode finished.. going watch it now.. Adios!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Unexpected Sights

Poking around gaming forums is my favorite past-time whenever I had nothing better to do. I 'steal' or copy for a nicer word, pictures, signatures, anything funny in forums and save it. Thats why forums are cool! The thing is, unexpected stuff tends to appear when you know less about it. For example, while looking around, I found this:

Its Xeno Emissions I - III Artbook. Containing all the sketch works, art prior to the development of Xenosaga. At first the words in my brain tell 'OMGWTF?! A Xenosaga Book?'. Of course i was shocked when i saw this as its unexpected. However, I drool in awe for it yet i can't get it. There was none in Malaysia, even checked the best bookstore Kinokuniya's database online yeilding no results.

The ironic thing is, forums seem to provide unknown information better than Yahoo! or Google.. i mean those unofficial stuff.

Even then, Xenosaga saved my butt once in school when there was an assignment about Robots. Many points were give but we're needed to add extra points into it. I tried doing it but resulted diving far into Gundam animes... Then during presentation I spoke out my points based on Xenosaga and the results? The teacher is SATISFIED!!!

"In the near future of infinite possibilities, anything could happen. One could be robots overtake mankind (Terminator) or robots will live like us with advancements like androids that have a human mind(Xenosaga takeoff)". Thats my saving line...

Monday, April 23, 2007

Found you then.. Been an REAL big fan of it since then

It all started since June 2006, forgot the date but remember what happened. Twas the day I bought the PS2 game that i am addicted to even now still loving it - Xenosaga Episode III - Also Sprach Zarathustra. Ever since then, I've been all over the Net finding fanarts, fan fictions, even more arts, fan-made videos and all. That game made me experience the PS2, its graphics and fluid animations, more to the game.

That game, i would say the best Namco Bandai Co. has ever made in its history. The story that spanned from Episode I till III was amazing and creative. It was great in every aspect, voice scripting, animation, character models, plot, almost everything in-game!

What pulled me into this game is one of the main characters, a female android (pic) named KOS-MOS or code shes so pretty and HoT! She is an anti-Gnosis(aliens in the Xenosaga world.. made of sodium chloride.. common salt [wtf]) android built for that purpose. However, nobody knows that she has a soul within her (most of the game's plot has something to do with the Bible.. so I wouldn't touch about it as in case i accidentally insulted someone). Due to that, sometimes her soul takes over and behaves more human-like.

Since that game, I have been amazed by it. I would think that its better than Final Fantasy for its different gameplay style every game in all 3 episodes. I wished that it would be rated better in places like Gamespot. You know.. i really loved this game.. AND I LOVE YOU KOS-MOS!!!

Excerpt from Xenosaga Ep I:
Shion: Good job, KOS-MOS
KOS-MOS: My external appearance is down by 5%.. Shion, i need to be cleaned.

KOS-MOS: All systems functioning normally.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

First OwNed Post!!

The very first blog post i ever done online. Usually i keep stuff to myself.. enjoying private moments and all. But nowadays, i felt like i wanna share my interests online to all who are also interested in the same things. Plus, writing here is better than my blasted diary.. Days later after writing, the damn book goes missing - Lost in my OWN room! For God's sake!

Ok, better chill.. man.. first post is like insulting myself for losing stuff lol.

Personally i felt like i wanna wite this blog because my brother kept babbling non-stop about his blog, other people's blog, and all the blogs. Got sick of it, then went into deep thoughts for a few days.. finally decided to make one here.

With this first post i make my mark in the blogging world from now onwards.. Consider this blog OwNED!! Mwahahaha!!